New Drittmaskin Album
– Svartpønk –


The sophomore album from DRITTMASKIN, ‘SVARTPØNK’ is an advancement of what the band started on their first album, ‘SOSIAL PROLAPS’: the head-on clash between Old-School Thrash and Death, Crust and D-Beat Punk, and Norwegian First and Second Wave Black Metal.

The result is 12 tracks of intense rage, a madman’s poetry spanning the width of everything a neck-breaker could dream of from metal and punk.

The album is released in a total of 200 ex. 120 on red splatter + 80 on green splatter. Manufactured by Nordsö Records Vinyl Pressing Plant (Denmark).

DRITTMASKIN: Vocals: Grindadrap. Guitar: Avstralopithecvs. Guitars: Ardipithecvs. Bass: Prion. Drums: Kvit Fosför.

Necro Lives!

Lyrically, SVARTPØNK (read lyrics here), is crashing through topics such as media criticism, plague, geriatric orgy fantasies, eating your colleagues, suicide, binge-drinking, preferences in tobacco, urine-drinking, and the battle of beliefs.

The bands’ necro-screaming leader – GRINDADRAP – once again does his utmost to feverishly deliver a liberated and atypical language with his clear Drittmaskin signature.

SVARTPØNK also introduces their new drummer, KVIT FOSFÖR, which enables the band to display more clearly the bands’ ability to further legacy and inspiration from bands such as early SEPULTURA, the EXPLOITED, POISON IDEA, TAAKE, AURA NOIR, SADUS, early DEATH, GERMBOMB, MIDNIGHT, SPY, IMMORTAL and DARKTHRONE.

Mastering: JOEL GRIND (TOXIC HOLOCAUST) // Artwork: WOODEN CYCLOPS // Label: Flue Plateproduksjon

RELEASE DATE: OCTOBER 8, 2021. Vinyl + Digital (Download + Streaming). ORDER NOW

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«In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Drittmaskin and if you are a fan of  black, death, thrash metal, crust, d-beat and punk, you should check out this album.»

8  out  of  10 – Blackened Death Metal Zine

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